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Specialized Dentistry for Infants, Children, Adolescents & Individuals with Special Healthcare Needs

Positive, Kid-Friendly “Tooth” Talk

We use fun, gentle and kid-informative words to describe dental procedures. The results are the same — except our young patients are more relaxed. We’re not fooling or tricking children. We’re simply creating a positive atmosphere about children’s dental care to reduce fear and anxiety.

Words WE WON’T USE Because They Often Cause Fear & Axiety Words We Use Instead to Comfort Kids and Encourage a Positive Experience
needle or shot sleepyjuice
drill tooth washer
drill on a tooth washing a tooth
pull or yank a tooth wiggle a tooth
decay, cavity cavitybug or critter
examination count teeth
tooth cleaning tickle the teeth
explorer (tool) tooth counter
rubber dam (tool) rain coat
rubber dam clamp (tool) tooth ring
nitrous oxide (anesthetic) happy air
mouth prop (tool) tooth pillow
dental filling silver or white star